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A.C.T. Companion Dog Club

Tracking is an activity where dogs use their amazing scenting ability to follow a scent trail left by a person. All dogs are capable of tracking – the trick is training them to follow one particular human scent and to keep going on that one until the end of the track to get a big reward. Most dogs love tracking and it if you like being outside doing things with your dog in winter it is a great sport (we don’t do much tracking in summer because of the snakes).

Tracking is always done on lead and one dog at a time so if your dog is easily distracted by other dogs or is a bit anti-social that is not a problem. Tracking is also the only dog sport where we actually encourage dogs to sniff the ground and pull on the lead! There is no time limit in tracking so you can go as slow as you need to – or at a brisk walk if your dog is very keen. If your dog can walk it can track. There is no age limit, puppies can start as young as they can be outside and it is a good sport for older dogs as they don’t have to run or jump.

‘Peer training’ is being held every Wednesday (12:00-3:00pm) and every Sunday (12:30-3:30pm) at Rose Cottage horse paddocks off Mugga Lane from mid-June until the end of August 2015. There is also a club-initiated tracking email list – ask at the office to get signed up or find it on Google groups by searching for ‘ACT Region Tracking Dogs’.