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A.C.T. Companion Dog Club

Dances with dogs


Australia's Dances with Dogs (DWD) is based on a canine sporting discipline developing overseas in the early 1990s. The sport has become a well established and formally recognised competitive discipline in Great Britain, Canada, the United States, many countries in Europe, Japan and some other regions in Asia.


Dances with Dogs is a very flexible sport, enabling competitors to exhibit innovative and creative moves which highlight the performance capabilities of dog and handler and provide entertainment for the audience. The handler chooses the music and choreographs a routine which is in time with and interpretive of the music.


The requirements to start in a DWD class are: you, your dog, a love of music, the desire to have a great time with your dog and a commitment to positive reward training! Click the links below to find out more:

For more information about this great activity or to find out how you and your furry friend can become a part of Dances with Dogs with the A.C.T. Companion Dog Club, please email the DWD sub-committee convenor here.


To view the Rules of Conduct for Dances with Dogs, please visit the Australian National Kennel Council and click on the text in the Dances with Dogs section (note: updated rules effective 1/1/2011).


For some great Dances with Dogs videos, see the links below: